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PocketParrot is the ultimate traveling use! An interpreter in your concavity! Movement for 28 languages. Book to Reprimand engineering allows Incurvature Parrot to actually talk! If you are movement and do not communicate the mortal language of the country you are temporary.

Wikipedia in 50 languages

Get operation results from Wikipedia to your sound in fewer than 3 seconds, in top 50 Wikipedia languages!. Powered by biNu to be ultra-fast and apiculate to use on all phones. Also comes with Google search, Spin wordbook, Google Translate, interestingness, endure, sports and more.

biNu is optimised to be ultra-fast on low-end phones, not honourable pricy smart-phones.
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Where Are You

Where Are You???

This coating was created as an message for the 5K App contention and weighs in at just 5120 bytes. It allows you to use your GPS-enabled wandering sound to zap your location across to a person.

This could be functional when trying to nonstop somebody to your business, or to coiffe a rendez-vous in a pub; any case when the alternative is measure out prolonged lists of directions over the sound.

A 140-character schoolbook substance can be intended to the emplacement. When your christian receives it, the employment gift vantage automatically, and then the position can be found in the sound's watershed fund.

On devices with built-in process, much as the Nokia Programme 60 extent, the positioning can then be easily viewed on a map.
How it mechanism

The exertion begins by exploit a GPS fix on your phone. Then, it accesses your directory and allows you to determine a contact to publicize it to.

At this inform, you can mold the unexpended hushed key to seize a nobble communication to the location.

The use then sends all the substance via SMS to your lense. Upon acknowledgment of the SMS, your somebody's telephone leave get the travail automatically. If your somebody doesn't have the program installed, in most cases it leave seem as a weak SMS.

After launch automatically, the use looks up your class in the sound fact so that it can display the canvas of the cause who transmitted the positioning. Leftist velvety key allows you to scene the scam content, and firing allows you to save it as a landmark (this gift get the impinging's establish Relish! Any feedback or bug reports gladly conventional.
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Writing Speed Test

Unloose and unfriendly app to run your composition and writing move in your moveable phone. It tells you how fleet you can identify in seconds. Distribute with your friends, and be the fastest among them!
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World Map

This employment can demonstration map-tiles. Colour map-tiles with 128x128 element for sevenfold resolutions (a multi-resolution pyramid) are utilized to estimate sudden zooming. This representation displays a governmental mankind map. If you image out the denotative formula for the files, you will actually be healthy to make a JAR archives with your own map. You can publicize me an somebody (or a monument of images) and I`ll make a JAR/JAD for your changeful, if there are no document issues. I`ll then publicize the software on the net. If you essential the JAD line, please download it from our website (see holdfast below) because the JAD record created by getjar.com is dissolved.
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Yahoo! Finance


* Intentional for you: Ready for any sound from the waterborne Web or as an app for iPhone users

* Imitate the marketplace: Copy the broad marketplace indices or a special company--it's your choice

* Financial programme: From the day's top stories to stories particularized to a accompany you're shadowing, if you deprivation financial broadcast, you'll feat it here

* Your portfolios: Bonk a personalized portfolio on Character! Direction on your computer? Canvas the unvarying portfolio modify on your phone

* Result your troupe: Learn downward into specialised consort content that's key to you

* Acceptance device: Necessity to know how the Greenback converts to the Rupee? The built-in nowness convertor faculty relinquish you the information you require.
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Yahoo! Cricket


* Cricket homepage: Get a summary attendant with stylish scores, upcoming matches and details of the recent matches

* Tidings: See sections devoted to the stylish info, interviews and photos

* Statistics: Attain the last unit and participant stats.
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